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Job Oppertunities

We sometimes have openings for skilled craftsman or engineers.

- Craftsman
Even though some of our equipment is CNC, our product is primarily a custom hand-crafted product requiring sharp skilled craftsmen. Our processes and materials pages list most of the things we do and materials we work with in our shop. For new hires we do not require prior knowledge of transformer manufacturing. We do require intelligent persons with personal or work experience that demonstrates they are skilled in general craftsmanship with all kinds of hand and power tools with various materials, and are interested in pursuing a long term learning career in custom manufacture of transformers and reactors.

Persons with past experience in carpentry, welding, machine building and custom fabrication tend to do well. Persons with primary experience in assembly, machine operating and machining tend to do poorly. Life-long experience with hand and power tools is a must. Experience with computers, wiring and welding is a plus.

- Engineers
Sharp engineers with majors in electrical or physics are needed to work in the areas of magnetics design, finite element modeling, research, testing, mechanical modeling and manufacturing engineering. Experience in magnetics is a plus but not required. Intelligence, high math skills, electrical or physics theory, and math, finite element and CAD software experience are the desired traits. The successful candidate should expect a long term learning career in the art of magnetics engineering with an interesting and challenging mix of analytical, practical and hands-on work experiences.