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High Voltage Test Lab

We are intentionally a small company in order to maintain focus on customers, products and process. We employ experienced engineers and skilled craftsman. We have a high level of engineering and manufacturing capability. And we regularly receive rave reviews from our customers.


In Janurary 2010 we moved into a new 15,000 square foot facility. Our new plant is designed for 4 times our old production capacity and will house additional equipment like a 2nd, larger Imprex VPI system, a 2nd bake out oven, backup compressors, more power for testing, additional computerized winding machines, and more cranes. The new plant is in production now and will have it's additional equipment installed throughout 2010.


In addition to our in-house production testing equipment, Spec-Mag has added the services of a local high voltage test laboratory for additional design testing capability. At this facility in nearby Canton Ohio, we can conduct design testing up to 200 kV BIL